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Product Name:
Denatonium Saccharide
EC No:
saltwith1,2-benzisothiazol-3(2h)-one1,1-dioxide(1:1);benzyldiethyl;n-(2-((2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)-n,n-diethyl-benzenemethanaminium saccharide;benzyldiethyl-[(2,6-xylylcarbamoyl)methyl]-ammonium saccharide;DENATONIUM SACCHARIDE;Benzenemethanaminium, N-(2-((2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)-N,N-diethyl-, saccharide;RO-PEL;DENATONIUM SACHARIDE Benzyldiethyl-[(2,6-xylylcarbamoyl)methyl]-ammonium saccharide; N-(2-((2,6-Dimethylphenyl)amino)-2-oxoethyl)-N,N-diethyl-benzenemethanaminium saccharide; benzyl-[2-[(2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino]-2-oxoethyl]-diethylazanium; 1,1-dioxo-1,2-benzothiazol-3-olate benzyl-[2-[(2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino]-2-oxo-ethyl]-diethyl-ammonium; 1,1-dioxo-1,2-benzothiazol-3-olate benzyl-[2-[(2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino]-2-oxoethyl]-diethylammonium; 1,1-dioxo-1,2-benzothiazol-3-olate benzyl-[2-[(2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino]-2-keto-ethyl]-diethyl-ammonium; 1,1-diketo-1,2-benzothiazol-3-olate [2-[(2,6-dimethylphenyl)amino]-2-oxo-ethyl]-diethyl-(phenylmethyl)azanium; 1,1-dioxo-1,2-b

Product Introduction

规格 / Specification

项目 / Item

标准 / Standards

外观 / Appearance

白色结晶粉末或颗粒 / White crystalline powder or granular

气味 / Odor

典型 / Characteristic

熔点 / Melting point


纯度 / Purity


应用 / Applications

苦味剂 / Bittering agent

Bitter agents are added as disgusting agents in household products, automotive chemicals, garden supplies and other products to prevent poisoning caused by accidental ingestion by humans or animals; bitter agents are also the best alcohol denaturants. Currently, bitters are widely used in everything from antifreeze to animal domestication. Developed countries have made it mandatory to add this product, and consumers have widely recognized the safety of bitters as an aversive agent.

Denatonium Saccharide is the best alcohol denaturant and the most bitter substance known in the world (about 4 times that of bitters). It is used as a bitter agent (or aversive agent) in daily necessities and industrial products to prevent people from , the occurrence of poisoning incidents caused by animals eating by mistake and preventing animals from chewing items (usage amount is 1~50ppm).


Household products: Liquid Cleaners, Bathroom Cleaners, Kitchen Cleaners, Stain Removers, Fabric Softeners, Glass Cleaners, Polishes;

Automotive chemicals: windshield washers, antifreeze, car cleaners, stain removers, brake fluids, air fresheners;

Cosmetics: Perfume, hair care products, nail polish, nail polish remover, hand sanitizer;

Garden supplies: insecticide additives, plant production regulators, rodenticides, molluscicides, fly, ant and cockroach baits, slug and snail baits, herbicides, fertilizer additives;

Industrial products: alcohol denaturants, bio-alcohol, reusable fuels;

Fragrance products: scented colloids, scented candles, liquids with floral scents;

Toys: Used in children's toys and decorative supplies, it can effectively prevent children from chewing, thereby protecting people and objects;

Other uses: Cheap and highly effective substitute for strychnine (dimethylstrychnine), quasmarin, quinine, and xyloside; an aversive agent for paints, solvents, varnishes, and printing inks; used in the treatment of sucking Thumb and nail biting symptoms, bruxism, bitters and emetics for topical and oral medicines; used in military products such as communication cables and tear gas; used in sealing testing of respirators, gas masks, etc.; used in livestock and veterinary medicine, Feed additives.


1: Cheap and efficient substitutes for strychnine (dimethylstrychnine), quasmarin, quinine, xyloside and other products;

2: The best denaturant for alcohol, automotive ethanol gasoline, animal and mineral esters;

3: Application in automotive chemicals. Such as antifreeze, brake fluid, hydraulic oil, battery refill fluid, ethanol gasoline for automobiles, windshield cleaner, automobile polish, etc.;

4: Application in cosmetics, hair care and other products. Used in cosmetics, hair care products, hair sprays, hair dyes, sunscreens (creams), perfumes, nail polish and nail polish remover, etc.;

5: Application in household daily products, cleaning agents, disinfectants, insect repellants, leather protectants, etc. Such as: insect repellents, air fresheners, spray and scrubbing cleaning fluids, toilet cleaners, carpet, floor and wall cleaning agents, dishwasher detergents, leather cleaning and polishing agents, etc. to prevent mistakes. Ingestion and prevention of licking and biting by pets;

6: Used in children's toys, decorative items, art paints, etc., to prevent children from chewing toys, and at the same time, prevent pets from licking and biting toys and transmitting pathogenic bacteria; Denatonium Saccharide is used in decorative items to prevent pets from licking and biting them. And damaged, it can also be used as a decorative pine wood disinfectant to prevent mildew;

7: Used in chemical industry, paint, paint remover, printing ink;

8: Used for pesticides, plant growth regulators, insecticides, rodenticides, molluscicides, flies, ants, cockroach baits, etc.;

9: Bitter agents and emetics used to treat thumb sucking and nail biting, bruxism, external and oral medicines;

10: Used in animal husbandry, veterinary medicine, and feed additives. Such as: preventing pigs from killing each other;

11: For gardening, agriculture, forestry and environmental protection;

12: Application in military products such as communication cables and tear gas;

13: Gas mask performance testing and other applications;

14: Used for the protection of aviation nylon materials;

15: Used in the field of scientific research.

包装 / Packing


运输编号 / UN number

普通化学品 / Not dangerous goods

储存条件 / Store at

密封保存于阴凉干燥处,避光避热 / Sealed storage in a cool and dry place, avoid light and heat.

保质期 / Shelf Life

两年 / Two years

Bittering Agent-(90823-38-4;3734-33-6;126-14-7)

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