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Product Name:
Pyridoxine Tripalmitate; VB6 Tripalmitate
EC No:
VITB6tripalmitate;Pyridoxinetripamitate;VitaminB6tripamitate;Vitamin B6 tripalmitate;Bishexadecanoic acid [6-methyl-5-[(1-oxohexadecyl)oxy]pyridine-3,4-diyl]bis(methylene) ester;Pyridoxine 3,4',5'-tripalmitate;Vitamin B6 tripalmitate;Vitamine B6 tripalmitate [4,5-bis(hexadecanoyloxymethyl)-2-methylpyridin-3-yl] hexadecanoate [4,5-bis(hexadecanoyloxymethyl)-2-methyl-3-pyridyl] hexadecanoate hexadecanoic acid [2-methyl-4,5-bis(1-oxohexadecoxymethyl)-3-pyridyl] ester palmitic acid [4,5-bis(hexadecanoyloxymethyl)-2-methyl-3-pyridyl] ester [4,5-bis(hexadecanoyloxymethyl)-2-methyl-pyridin-3-yl] hexadecanoate 4372-46-7 Vitamin B6 tripalmitate 2-(Methyl(1-oxododecyl)amino)ethanesulfonic acid, sodium salt 3-Hydroxy-4,5-dimethylol-alpha-picoline tris(hexadecanoate) 5-21-05-00496 (Beilstein Handbook Reference) 5-Hydroxy-6-methyl-3,4-pyridinedicarbinol tripalmitate BRN 0382570 EINECS 224-470-3 Hexadecanoic acid, (6-methyl-5-((1-oxohexadecyl)oxy)-3,4-pyridinediyl)bis(methylene) ester PYRIDOXINE TRIPALMITATE

Product Introduction

规格 / Specification

项目 / Item

标准 / Standards

外观 / Appearance

白色或类白色结晶粉末 / White or off-white crystalline powder

气味 / Odor

典型 / Characteristic

纯度 / Purity


应用 / Applications


Anti-allergic & anti-inflammatory & Repairing, Anti-dandruff & Anti-inch/Antipruritic

Pyridoxine Tripalmitate is oil-soluble VB6 derivative. It has the natural moisturizing by increasing the production of NMF. Good stability to heat and oxygen, and it has excellent transdermal absorption and solubility.

Its functions:

Antistatic : Reduces static electricity by neutralizing electrical charge on a surface.

Hair conditioner : Leaves hair easy to comb, soft, soft and shiny and / or confers volume, lightness and shine.

Skin conditioning : Keeps the skin in good condition.

包装 / Packing


运输编号 / UN number

普通化学品 / Not dangerous goods

储存条件 / Store at

密封保存于阴凉干燥处,避光避热 / Sealed storage in a cool and dry place, avoid light and heat.

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